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SPOTO is a company that provides IT certification training and exam preparation services. It is headquartered in China but operates globally, including in the US, Europe, and other African countries.

The main purpose of SPOTO services is to focus on exam preparation. SPOTO helps students prepare for their certification exams using a variety of teaching methods and tools, including study materials such as online courses, practice tests, and exam dumps. Our PMI-authorized tutors provide candidates with professional courses and study materials covering all exam topics in the official exam guide.

SPOTO provides regular feedback and guidance to students to help them improve their knowledge and skills. SPOTO's PMI exam pass rate is very high. If a student fails to pass after using the SPOTO exam service, we will provide additional one-on-one tutoring and training until the student passes the exam.

SPOTO has obtained a trademark registration certificate in the People's Republic of China, with the registration number No. 3853988, registered on April 7, 2006. It is currently in effect. We have applied for the trademark in other countries and regions, which are still under review.